Software Data Flow Components for Network Engineers

Network engineers working with hardware components often must work closely with software engineers concerned with “Big Data”, “IoT”, “IoAT” or the “Cloud”.

This course relies upon the detailed hardware-based network component knowledge of network engineers and augments that knowledge with the introduction of several open-source, Apache Software Foundation (ASF) components, that when accessing the data of existing hardware network devices, will create a service-activated, infinitely scalable, business-oriented data flow topology.



This course will augment a network engineer’s hardware and network knowledge to transform the individual into a highly-sought, hybrid hardware-component-aware/software-component-ware data flow architect, engineer or analyst.

This 4 day class will show network engineers how to work with software engineers to merge the intelligent behavior of the ASF components with the data flow speed and volume of network hardware components.

Experience with network hardware components and network design. While
programming experience is not required, proficiency with basic Linux administrator/user skills, such as ls, cd, cat is helpful. Experience with a high-level scripting language is helpful. Ability to visualize a network as the data conduit for the use of a topology of collaborating software components, like the support of an operating system to a relational data base, is helpful.

Network engineers who desire to be part of an emerging form of DevOps. Network engineers who wish to become highly-sought, hybrid hardware-component-
aware/software-component-ware data flow architects, engineers or analysts.

50% Lecture, 25% Use Case Workshop, 25% Hands-on Labs

This is a 4 day class when taught on-site with ILT or via web-ex with VILT. It is also
offered on a per-module basis for on-line self-enablement via our LMS, Brane.

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