Our goal is to simply and transparently demystify the world of BigData to give you that advantage.



BigData and its 3Vs are simply marketing terms. They're more about the "what" than the "how". But what most companies we work with want to know is: How do I get BigData to work for me.

It's all about turning data into information and information into a competitive advantage. Our goal is to simply and transparently demystify the world of BigData to give you that advantage.

DFHEINZ is part of a consulting/training consortium that specializes in creating declaratively defined data service topologies. Simply stated, we can create data conduits connecting all of your systems (new and old) so they can share data and data analysis with out changing the way you do business. In all cases, it is without changing anything about your existing systems.

If your systems or the data they require changes, the changes to the topology are done declaratively. Just like writing a recipe and letting the oven follow it to make the meal for you. And if the recipe changes, just give the oven the new recipe.

Our declarative topology approach removes the overhead and cost that comes from an archaic imperative programming approach — You know, a lot of programmers, a lot of time to rip open existing, hard-to-maintain software to add yet-another capability, a lot of testing and lot of hard to measure dollars being deducted from your margin until maybe, just maybe, you get what you need, that is, until its time to make another change.

We can show you the state of the technology, whether you are interested in the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem, the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack, Pivotals SpringXD, GemFire and Pivotal HD components or the offerings from Amazon. These are just a few of the "BigData" frameworks available. We believe you should know about the pros and cons of each framework to make an informed decision for your organization. We can show you how to be successful with each one of these frameworks or a mixture of any or all.

And this is only the beginning. Let's sit down and talk about what we can do for you today.