Blockchain for Enterprise

While cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular are prominent applications of blockchain, this course explains blockchain as a general technology. This approach highlights generic concepts and technical patterns of blockchain instead of focusing on a specific application case.

This course will present a non-technical introduction to blockchain fundamentals. This course fills the gap between purely technical description and implementation of blockchain and the ability to ascertain the economic impact the application of blockchain may have in the future.



Discover concepts that make up blockchain in a nontechnical fashion in a concise and comprehensible way. The course covers concepts of blockchain such as transactions, hash values, cryptography, data structures, peer-to-peer systems, distributed systems, system integrity and distributed consensus in a nontechnical fashion.

The student will be able to answer the three questions that arise with the introduction of any new technology: What is it? Why do we need it? How does it work?

The ability to learn new concepts in a conversational style. The ability to learn in
incremental steps once a problem domain is defined. The ability to learn through
metaphor and analogies.

Managers and executives who need a conceptual understanding of the technical
foundations of blockchain to understand specific blockchain applications, evaluate business cases suitable for blockchain and to follow the discussion about its expected economic impacts.

100% Interactive Lecture


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